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Commercial Interior Designs by Sigma Interiors, Kochi

Commercial Interior Design

We undertake Commercial Interior Designing services for the following establishments:


We understand the need to have an efficient office space to meet your unique business needs. So we built designs that looks good and helps establish the base for a good working environment.


How an establishment looks on the inside is equally important to how it looks on the outside. At Sigma, we undertake interior designing for hotels by using the latest and trending interior designs and decor. The look and feel of our designs are sure to create a long lasting impression on the guests.

Shopping Malls

The interior of the shopping mall is one of the contributing factors that decide the success of the mall. At Sigma we undertake proper planning and organized design approach, and by understanding the business requirements. We have experts that give you the right advice on Concept Development & Retail Circulation Planning, Zoning, tenant mix, Fit-Out Management etc.


We undertake interior designing for labs where we design laboratory furniture systems. We provide consultancy, planning and delivery of these designs, and customise laboratories by creating specific design solutions.

Living Room Designed by Sigma Interiors, Kochi

Living Room

The living room is a space of luxury and would be the mostly frequented place by your guests. Hence, we build living room with eminent lighting, furnitures that are both luxurious and comfortable, everything in accordance with the overall decor and feel of the house.

Bedroom Designed by Sigma Interiors, Kochi


Here is where you get a good night’s sleep and refuel your energy for the next day. Hence, the importance of a comfortable bedroom can never be overlooked. We design your bedroom depending on the style of your choice. There are wide choices of bedroom lighting, furnitures and decor to choose from.