Our Interior Design Services

Interior Residential

Styling process holds a series of calculated analysis to give your home the charm it deserves. We create both contemporary and traditional interior designs, as requested by our clients.

Modular Kitchen

Our interior styling packages and decorator services cover island kitchen, dining kitchen, U-shaped kitchen, L-shaped kitchen, all in consonance to the space available.


We design your bedroom revolving around the style of your choice, in accordance with our wide variety of bedroom lighting, furniture and decor to choose from.

Living room

Being the most frequently visited spot in the house, the living room is considered to be the temple of the soul. We make sure that the space is both luxurious and comfortable, complimenting the overall ease and energy of your abode.

Kids Bedroom

The space where your child grows up holds utmost relevance in the overall development of the child, These bedrooms can be designed based on a theme, with specifically designed beds, study desk and wardrobes.

Commercial Space

Interior decoration packages provide for commercial spaces which consist of offices, hotels, shopping malls and labs. These interior designs are customizable according to your personal design requirements and themes.

SIGMA yields the best services when it comes to production and excellence of work.Each one of the designers strives hard to implement original and efficient solutions to your every design requirement.. Sigma covers  everything from affordable interior designers to home styling services. We customize your interior space even if it’s part of the whole space, such as designing individual room.SIGMA excels in the art of paying attention to the finer details of the project. We recognise how it can make an enormous difference to how your space looks and feels.